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Alpha 1 Induction Service Center is part of the Inductotherm Group which brings together some forty companies strategically located around the world. They all share a focus on serving the metals and materials industry and all are leaders in their respective disciplines.


From the brilliant yellow of gold and the warm glow of copper to the cold gray of iron and steel, no matter what metal you melt, mold, heat or otherwise process, there’s an Inductotherm Group company with the equipment, technology or services you need.


Inductotherm group companies provide the equipment and services that allow industry to process metals from melting through casting, heating, rolling, drawing, forming and shaping into their final products.


As a multi-technology organization, the Inductotherm Group offers many advantages:

  • The unique ability to offer the best solution from a broad range of available technologies.
  • A single point of contact and single source of project responsibility.
  • The support of a global network of manufacturing and service facilities.
  • Access to a full range of engineering, installation and repair services.
  • Innovative technology advances through group synergy.

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Inductotherm is the world's leading manufacturer of induction melting systems. Inductotherm supplies the steel industry with inductively heated coreless and channel pots for galvanizing and Galvalume® coating. Other applications include continuous slab heaters and "boosters" for rolling mills.

Inductotherm Heating & Welding Technologies Ltd. was formed to bring together Thermatool Europe and three divisions of Inductoheat Europe Ltd. (Radyne, Newelco, Banyard) in order to create a single and more capable company with internationally established brand names.


Inductotherm Canada is the world's leader in induction technology, offering the most advanced lines of melting and heating equipment available.


Inductotherm Australia are Leaders in Induction Melting, Heating and Resistance Welding Technology.


Inductotherm & Servmelt, based in Brazil, offers a full-range of upgrade and repair services to induction melting and heating customers throughout Latin America.


Inductotherm Germany is the world's leader in induction technology, offering the most advanced lines of melting and heating equipment available.


Inductotherm India is a leader in desiging and manufacturing of Induction Melting, Heating & Welding equipment.


Inductotherm Japan is leading the world in manufactureing of induction melting systems.


Inductotherm Korea is leading the world in induction technology.


Inductotherm Mexico is the world's leader in induction technology.


Inductotherm Russia is leading the world in induction technology.


Inductotherm China is the world's leader in induction technology.


Inductotherm Taiwan is an expert specialized in induction heating equipment for mass heating and heat treatment.


Inductotherm Turkey is the world's leader in induction technology.


Inductoheat builds induction heating equipment for case hardening, tempering, annealing, bonding, brazing, strip/slab heating, forge heating, stress relieving, and more. Inductoheat has product lines for all your heat treating needs ranging from standardized modular induction machines to customized, fully-automated systems.


PV/T Inc. is a world class facility dedicated to providing global markets with Vacuum Metallurgical Melting, Heating and other Processing Equipment.


Bricmont offers thermal equipment and consulting services to the primary and secondary metal producers worldwide.


HI T.E.Q., INC. is the furnace manufacturer with advanced design for a complete line of high quality aluminum processing furnaces.


Inductoheat HWG is based in Germany and manufactures both highly customized and standardized induction heat treating systems. It also operates a comercial heat treating shop.


Radyne Corporation is an international leader in induction process heating technology.


Thermatool is the global leader in production technology and equipment for the pipe and tube industry.


T&H Lemont is a leading supplier of form and weld mills for tube and pipe, rollforming mills, roll tooling solutions for the tube, pipe and rollform industries.


W. J. Savage designs, builds and services world class spindle saws.


Consarc manufactures a complete line of vacuum and controlled atmosphere systems.


Calcarb produces carbon bonded carbon fiber, a high temperature rigid insulation, for use in controlled atmosphere and vacuum furnaces.


ABplan is a European-based electrical engineering company specializing in integration and automation control.


EMSCO specializes in the installation and repair of induction melting furnaces and associated systems.


Ondarlan is based in Spain and provides retrofit, rebuild and repair services for induction furnaces and related systems on the Iberian Peninsula.


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